Wednesday, February 24, 2010

China car show model Shoushou 兽兽 sex video

The news "China #1 Sexy Car Show Model 兽兽 Shoushou Sex Video Leak" reports that a famous China car show model has her sex video leaked by her ex boyfriend. There are total 3 videos, total over 30MB. The first video is her blowing for the guy.

She looks into camera while blowing...

Then later she takes off her shirt, showing off her breast...

In the next video, the scene start with a pussy full of cum, and then the girl use her hand to cover and try to get out, maybe afraid the cum will dirty the sofa or bed sheet.

In the last video, she rides, while grabing her breast...

If you want to know more about here, here you can find a lot of her photos: SHOUSHOU 兽兽 photo albums.

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  1. Cannot download the video leh!

    Any better hosting site for the video??? I saw that there is 220mb version video, any idea??


  2. Do you have shou shou sex video part 4?

  3. would you mind sharing to video to me :